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Our professional behavioral wellness teams include: opiate addiction counselors, licensed therapists, and various case managers working to assist patients with getting to mental underlying causes of addiction, and working with a full treatment plan to help patients have most successful odds of recovery.  Our standard practice also includes tools necessary for all culturally diverse clients.  (Spanish speaking only is available upon request). We include cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma focused parent/child therapy, narrative and various expressive therapies such as art therapy etc.  All based upon each individual or family modalities.

Substance abuse treatment professionals agree that withdrawal from opiate drugs is more difficult than any other type of drug addiction therapy. The specific interactions between your brain and the opiates you take mean that you could go for years without using and still experience cravings. Opiate addiction can even cause changes in the chemical structure within your brain. Your emotional development can become stunted, and you may find yourself with very little enthusiasm for the things that take place around you. That’s why it’s so important to include and participate in counseling where your professionals have experience with your disease.

  • With cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), you will learn how to avoid using in situations that trigger your desire to use. Some counselors utilize exercises like “Use, Consequences, Secrets” to help you recognize the things that you’ve hidden in the past and how those secrets have affected you.
  • Motivational interviewing helps you look inward and figure out exactly how you would like to change your life. After all, no one knows better than you what your goals are for recovery. Creating a lifeline is one way to take an honest look at where you’ve been and where you want to be.
  • Family therapy is important for healing old wounds and developing better communication skills, but you won’t start that until after you’ve begun to work on your own issues. Family therapy can also include multidimensional family therapy that takes a look at the drug abuse patterns within your family that might be influencing your decision to use.

People who show up for their counseling sessions do better with their drug replacement treatments (e.g. suboxone, methadone).  Call our office today to have a free assessment and let us help you to regiment your counseling with your drug therapies.


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