ProWellness Academy is a premier organization in California, providing collaborative out patient counseling care for patients being treated by X-Waivered prescribers that are servicing patients with medication-assisted treatment. With 19 locations throughout California, ProWellness Academy has a professional behavioral wellness team that includes licensed therapists, drug and alcohol counselors/case managers, all with an extensive background in Opiate Use Disorder.

ProWellness Academy has been recognized twice by the Department of Healthcare Services for its success in collaborative care, and is a California state grant recipient from The Center at Sierra Health Foundation through the Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Access Points Project. The honor and significance of these grants aid ProWellness Academy in its scope of business in furthering correct treatment narratives to blighted areas, and advancing the valuable ProWellness Academy resources to numerous MAT Physicians and their opiate use disorder patients.


Opiate addiction in the USA is currently effecting millions of people. The withdrawal symptoms from opioid addiction can be more difficult than any other illicit drug. Medicated-assisted treatment (MAT) works to assist patients medically in overcoming their withdrawal symptoms. Per the Federal Treatment Guidelines, MAT should also include collaborative psycho-social therapy. This evidenced based, whole approach to treatment serves to give opiate use disorder patients their highest odds of recovery. MAT (Medicated Assisted Treatment) has been deemed to be the most effective intervention to treat opioid use disorder (OUD) and is more effective than either behavioral interventions or medication alone, according to the American Society of Addiction Medicine

We offer a network of professional behavioral wellness counselors for all addictions and psycho-social modalities specific for people struggling with opioid use disorder (OUD).

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