ProWellness Academy's Community Broker and Sr. Therapist/ Dr. Malik Kadir.PsyD; hosts Community MAT outreach forum for staff of Martin Luther King, Jr. Health Center in Los Angeles, CA - "Communities of Color MAT outreach

Sr. Therapist Laura Gallardo Conducting Therapist/Addiction News and Update Meeting March 2020 - Call 805-308-6700 for date/time/link to her event.

Affinity MAT Physician for ProWellness Academy/ GREATER SFV; "Dr. Liepa, a leader in MAT protocols,has assisted 1000's of patients. Dr. Liepa is now one of serveral MAT physicians working closely with ProWellness Academy as an affinity MAT Physician. Dr. Liepa is an Industry leader in MAT and has developed protocols for detoxification from opiate, alcohol, benzodiazephines, cocaine, and meth.

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