ProWellness Academy Client Testimonials

“…PWA counselor’s always goes the extra mile to help patients.  I have been helped with my depression and offered me a way to see things differently and better …”

“…I had an excellent counselor who is helping me face my demons… My counselor is always respectful and makes you feel as though you are the only patient on his roster…”
“…Thank you for speaking with me. Your advice from our single session helped me tremendously throughout my Europe trip…”

“…My counselor is involved, interested, educated and informative.  He has helped me to connect the dots in my life.  I immediately aligned with him, and felt like he came into my life at exactly the right time.  I feel he was divinely sent to me…”

“…My counselor may have saved my life.  I was very depressed.  I was off my pain medication. I didn’t feel that I was needed or valuable to anyone and then it was time for my counseling session.  I expressed my feelings, and I realty felt listened to. I never feel judged or shamed or made to feel guilty.  I felt really understood while in and the dark place I was in.  I really felt taken seriously and given hope. I am reminded often about my daughter and grandchild and the value I brought to their lives and I often even laugh, with an appropriate comment from time to time.  I don’t know how much time we spent together that day, but what I can tell you is that my ProWellness Academy counselor helped me believe that living was a lot more worthwhile than dying, and I’ll always be grateful for that…

I use Telehealth sessions, and I can’t tell you how convenient that is for myself and my family.  I live in a remote area, and I finally feel like someone cares about my well being and helps me plug in to my top professional on a weekly basis.  It is simply amazing service….”

“…My counselor sees things in a fair way, and I am made to feel like my counselor has me as his only client.  I have been helped to manage my pain, pain med addiction and my added life pressure of dealing with my husband who is suffering from Alzheimer's disease…”

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